Our Mission is to create an inviting and inclusive space for individuals of all ages to experience the joy of ballroom dance, cultivate their skills, and forge meaningful connections within a supportive community. 

We encourage personal growth, self-expression, and a lifelong journey of learning, both in dance and in life.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery, where you can develop your skills, build connections, and experience the joy of expressing yourself through movement and music.

Mark Spivak, a native of Kiev, discovered his passion for dance at age 12 yearsleading to his graduation from a professional Dance school in 1965. His performances capitavated audiences accross the former Soviet Union and Europe. Mark furtherd his expertise at the Institute of Culture and Art, earning degrees in technig, choreography and business administration, showcasing his versatility as an artist. In 1975, he founded the Triple Dance Ensemble, which won a gold medal at the National Festival in 1977 under his leadership.

Mark eventually moved to Jacksonville, FL, where he established Mark Spivak’s Dance Institute, Dance Extensions, and the Character Ensemble, becoming a significant creative forces in the area. As an active member Dance Masters of America and the State Dance Association, Mark has significantly contributed to the dance community, even serving as the past president of the FLorida Chapter and on the National Board of the Dance Masters of America.

Heather Kornick, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, embarked on her dance journey at the tender age of 4. Her foundational training encompasses Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Character Dance at the Mark Spivak Dance Institute. Heather’s passions for dance led her to Florida State University, where she attended as a dance major, further honing her skills. In 1996, Heather’s dance path took a pivotal turn as she discovered her profound love for Ballroom Dance. Embracing this new passion, she embarked on rigorous training to become an instructor. Heather’s dedication and talent propelled her into the professional ballroom dance arena, where she competed in American Rhythm and American Smooth styles. Her exceptional skill on the dance floor earned her the prestigious title of United States Finalist in the American 9 Dance Division. Heather’s journey from a young dance student to a respected instructor and studio owner exemplifies her unwavering commitment to the art of dance her desire to share its beauty with others.

Zeljko “Jake” Lukic blends his fervent passion for dance and background in Athletic Training and Physical Education into a unique approach to coaching. He skillfully prepares his students for global competitions, focusing on a holistic development that combines physical readiness with artistic expressions. Since 2002, Jake has shared his extensive knowledge of Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm dance styles to a diverse range of students, nurturing novices into adept dancers and competitors. In addition to his dance credentials, Jake holds a Bacherlor’s degree in Constructin Management from the University of North FLorida (UNF). This combination of artistic creativity and technical expertise underscores Jake’s multifacteted personality and his ability to excel in varied disciplines.

Gil Maldonado, hailing from the colorful shores of Puerto Rico, found his second home in Kasas City. From a young age, Gil was captivated by the compelling beats of street Salsa, Merengue, and Hip Hop laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for dance. His formal foray into the world of Ballroom and Latin Dance began in 1999 with TC Dance Club, marking the start of a teaching and competitve career that has spanned over 2 decades. In a bold move in 2020, Gil venture to Florida to become a part of the All About Ballroom team, opening a new chapter in his professional dance story. 

Megan Gonzalez was born in Tampa, FL and raised in Orlando, FL where she was surrounded by Latin culture and the performing arts. She began dancing at the age of 4, training in ballet, tap, jazz, acrobats, and technical foundations. She took a short break from dancing after her dance studio shut down and she immersed herself in the high school theatre program. She resumed her ballet training at the University of Central Florida while working towards a degree in journalism and later went on to start a family. Her youngest childrens’ interest in ballroom dancing brought her back into the world of dance and ignited her passions for dance once more. She has enjoyed every moment of this new journey and loves to see newcomers fall in love with the art of ballroom dancing!