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What is Ballroom Dance?

When someone talks about Ballroom Dance they are most likely thinking of Waltz.  Waltz would be one of the easiest dances to learn.  It is a slow and smooth dance where partners glide across the floor. However, Ballroom Dance is much more than just Waltz.

What dances do we teach?

Argentine TangoJiveSamba
Cha ChaMerengueTango
FoxtrotRumbaViennese Waltz


How do I get started?

Call, email or simply walk-in to schedule an introductory lesson. After your first 30 min lesson, our instructor will determine your current level and recommend appropriate course program for you. There are plenty of options to choose from.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that in not restrictive to movement. Shoes should have a smooth or suede sole. This will allow you to move across the dance floor with ease.  Shoes with rubber soles tend to stick to the floor. No flip-flops, mules or other backless shoes, please.

Free 30 min lesson


We rotate partners in our group classes. Also, we have both male and female instructors available for private lessons. We encourage partner rotation, as you will learn how to dance faster. However, we will not ask you to do anything that you find uncomfortable.




Adriano Camardese – 5/28/2020
“Best floor and best instruction in town, every professional is highly trained and extremely qualified. You are not going to find anything better in the area, if ballroom is what are you looking for.”
Lauren Cover – 8/14/2019
“I would highly recommend this dance studio to anyone! I truly believe learning to dance is one of the best things anyone could do for themselves. The owners/staff at All About Ballroom are very professional and whether you are brand new or have lots of dance experience, you’re in the right place. They make everyone feel comfortable and I always enjoy my time at the studio! Thank you for bringing our community together through the love of dance!”
Mary Bond – 5/21/2019
“Great facility with even greater teachers. A friendly and welcoming place for newcomers and a home for regulars. The dance floor is one of the best I’ve experienced in a studio.”

Susan Moore – 2/15/2019
“Our daughter started lessons here back in October and fell instantly in love with ballroom! All of the instructors are amazing and fully engaged with the students…from kids to adults. They have created a tight knit community of dancers and we are happy to be a part of it!”.

Peirson B. – 12/17/2019
“All about ballroom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The instructors here are fantastic dancers and wonderful people. The community of people here is also amazing. Everybody is so nice and open that they start to feel like one huge family! Every ~6 months, they have a showcase where many students from the studio preform a dance with their instructors. They are amazing events and you learn a lot from even watching them!”
Kim S – 1/7/2020
“From tomboy to dancer, yes, that’s me. The studio has several amazing instructors to choose from. Heather (one of the owners) is my absolute favorite. She has so much patience and is able to break down our (me and hubby) choreography simply enough for me to understand. Jim and I enjoy dancing so much that we actually chose to compete in sanctioned dance events around the country. Deciding to learn to dance has been a challenge that I will never regret. Great instructors and awesome dancer friends here at All About Ballroom…, dance, dance!!!”

Diane Rabideau-Wise – 4/21/2019
“Professional staff, compassionate, accessible, and patient. A wonderful experience for fun and fellowship, exercise, coordination, and dance.”

Susan Cruickshank – 3/17/2019
“I LOVE dancing at All About Ballroom!! The studio has a wonderful floor and sound system. It is never crowded and my teachers Alex and Ekaterina are top notch! Jake and Heather are amazing and the teachers and students are all so friendly and supportive.”